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4 Important Tips to Fix Your Frozen AC Pipe

by janeausten

Imagine that you come home on a hot summer evening and come to know that your AC is not working. It would be the worst feeling ever. Is not it?

One of the most probable reasons for your ill-functioning AC might be its frozen pipe. Because if your AC pipe becomes frozen, your air conditioning unit will not be able to work optimally. As a result, your unit will not cool your home.

Therefore, if you want your unit to work properly, book specialized AC services in Lahore for effective and hassle-free repair. But if you want to do it on your own, you should keep some important tips in mind.

Tips to Fix Your Frozen AC Pipe

If you are fed up with frequent problems with your AC on the long hot days of summer, you must try to trace the reasons behind these problems. After identifying the reasons, you can eliminate them and resolve your air conditioning issues.

In this article, you will find out some simple but important tips to trace the reasons for the frozen AC pipe:

1.     Check Your AC’s Air Filters

One of the easiest and best ways to fix your frozen air conditioning pipe is to clean your AC’s dirty air filters. You can inspect your air conditioning’s air filters yourself. And if these are dust-loaded, you can fix them on your own because it does not require any professional training.

You might be thinking about how dirty air filters can make your AC pipe freeze. Right? Here is the logic that is simple and pure science.

When your air filters are dirty, the cool air can not find a way out. This trapped cool air remains in the unit and goes towards the AC pipe. This cool air makes your air pipe freeze and this does not let the water pass through it.

That is why your AC does not work optimally. But it does not mean this problem is unsolvable. Find a skilled AC technician by searching “AC services near me” in your search engine.

2.     Turn Off Your Thermostat

To solve your frozen AC pipe, you can try defrosting process. For this purpose, you can try two procedures; switching off your thermostat or switching on fan mode.

When your switch off your thermostat, it stops the cooling process. When there is no cooling for a longer time, the frozen AC pipe starts melting. And a point comes when it becomes clear of ice and lets the water pass through easily.

The other option is also the same because switching on fan mode also does not condense the air. In the absence of cool air, the frozen pipe starts defrosting.

Therefore, you should try these two options if your AC pipe is frozen. If your air conditioning unit has started working properly, it is right. Otherwise, the problem lies somewhere else, which means your AC needs a professional inspection.

3.     Broken Down Blower

One of the most expected ways for frozen AC pipes is a broken blower fan. You should also check your AC’s blower fans whether these are in good condition or not.

When the blower fan does not work optimally, it does not blow the air properly. If this air does not pass, it makes your AC malfunction. In this way, your AC pipe becomes frozen.

Therefore, you should inspect your air conditioner unit’s blower fans. If these are broken down, get them repaired as soon as possible.

Book home appliances repair online through Mahir Company for an effective repair. The professional technicians inspect your unit properly and find out where the problem is residing. If the blower fans are faulty, they can repair them professionally.

4.     Turn Off Your AC

If you want to invest nothing but wish your AC starts working optimally, there is a very simple solution for this. Sometimes, it can prove effective and make your AC pipe defrost.

When you turn off your AC, it stops the cooling process. In this way, your AC pipe is not exposed to cool air and does not becomes frozen.

Therefore, it is the most simple method you can try yourself. Most of the time, it proves very effective. Switch off your AC and see if it starts working optimally.

If the system starts working normally like before, it is good. Otherwise, the problem lies somewhere else that you can not trace. And you must get it inspected by an expert.

You can book handyman services in Lahore for professional inspection and repair of your unit. Skilled technicians have years-long experience and training. That is why they know where to look to trace the problem and resolve it effectively.

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