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10 Easy Ways to Hang Tapestry on Your Wall

by janeausten

People often miss opportunities to decorate a blank wall. Sure, you can hang paintings, family photos and create a gallery wall, but what if we told you could take it as a note at the top? Tapestries are one of the easiest and newest ways to decorate a blank wall in a way that attracts  attention. Although we do not recommend turning your living room or bedroom into a tapestry’s museum, art, vintage fabrics, and even colorful fabrics are ideal for hanging on a sofa or behind a bed. Add color, volume, and pattern to the space.

However, if you are wondering how to hang a tapestry on a wall, we have compiled some ideas that you can use without damaging the wall or tapestry. So, before you look at the perfect tapestry for your walls, read on for new ideas for tapestry hanging.

  1. Nails or Pushpins: 

Perhaps the easiest way to hang a tapestry on a wall is to use nails or pushpins. However, this only applies to larger tapestries as it may cause smaller holes. You can hang it in taut by hanging a tapestry in the corners; this will give you a normal drape. To make it look straightforward, attach it with a line of nails to the head of the piece.

  1. Adhesive Hooks:

Wondering how to hang tapestry in a way that doesn’t leave marks on walls? Adhesive hooks are a win-win solution as they can be removed without leaving a hole in the wall. If you live in a rented house or find yourself moving around regularly, this is a great way to hang a painted wall; easy to mount and unload whenever needed. Try tying a rope or cord loops to the top corners of the tapestry and hang them on the wall hooks. Another trick is to put grommets in the corner of the tapestry if yours does not already come with it. If you use adhesive hooks as one of the hanging tapestry ideas you can use curtain rings to get a drape and a chic look.

  1. Rod in Casing:

Most tapestries on the wall are soft, so we should choose the right Weed Tapestry stick and hang it on the stick holders at home. But what if the owner of the stick is not in Weed Tapestry you can sew one on the back with the help of a heavy fabric which means that a good fabric will hang your tapestry properly on the wall. And it is one of the easiest ways to hang your tapestry as you do not have to do anything, just have to hang a tapestry on the at home.

  1. Frame it:

Who said you can’t turn your tapestry into a work of art? Simply stretch on a wooden frame or a plywood board using a basic gun. However, if the tapestry is small, then you will need to stretch and fasten the canvas to the frame so that the wood is not visible with a flexible fabric. So if you are thinking about how to hang a tapestry in a way that doubles a piece of art, this is the way to go.

  1. Velcro Strips:

If you live in a rented house and are trying to avoid holes in the walls this is the best way to hang Weed Tapestry and you will still get your deposit. You can use self-adhesive Velcro tape to attach Weed Tapestry to the wall. It is a good option if you have a curved wall and do not want to drill a hole in the fabric.

  1. From The Ceiling:

Does your room have an empty wall space? Or do you live in a bedroom and need a privacy divider? In both cases (and more), hanging tapestry on the wall is a good idea. Straight tapestries are the right choice for this type. Here’s how to make a wall tapestry from your ceiling:

  • Attach hooks to the roof, attach tapestry ends, and fasten its corners from curtain rings or grommets.
  • If you have drywall as your roof, you can also use nails or pushpins. Keep in mind, though, that gravity is played here, so you may want to go in for more nails to get more support.
  • This method of hanging wall tapestry is also perfect for preventing heavy light by pulling the tapestry and creating a billowed effect.
  1. Foam Core:

A very similar method of stretching tapestry on a wooden frame or plywood board, this requires a foam board instead of any wood and requires a certain amount of DIY skills. Attach two sheets of foam boards together in advance. Also, remember that you will need enough fabric to cover the edges of the thick foam board. Next, cover the foam board with a heavy linen cloth and secure it firmly to the back of the board. Then sew the tapestry over the fabric using a curved needle.

  1. Frames: How to hang a tapestry

Is that too weak, too complicated, or too dyed or too old? Just place it behind the glass and frame it. Choose a frame that matches the look of the tapestry and you will have a tapestry that serves two purposes for painting and tapestry.

  1. Rope or Cable:

If you are cunning and willing to spend time DIYing your room, this is one of the easiest tapestry hanging ideas you will find. You have two options: wrap a string around the tapestry with a small pocket so that the string can pass through the needle and string and hang it on the pins or hooks. Or, use the cable system if you want to just clip, hang, and forget about it. This is good for some added privacy.

  1. Make a Canopy:

There’s no reason why you should limit yourself to walls just when you’re wondering how to hang a tapestry where you can get art and improvement. Hang tapestry on the ceiling and on the wall to create a cozy, dreamy, boho-chic look for your bed, living space, or study area. Attaching a small hook or piece of string between the tapestry will help you achieve that canopy-like look. Now that is one cool way to hang wall tapestry!

Tapestries are often looked down upon when it comes to use as pieces of independent decor. The trick lies in finding the right one that helps you create the vibe you want in your room and know how to hang the tapestry artistically to do justice to it. 

If someone wants to save a little money by avoiding expensive, traditional headboards. This will encourage you to try hanging tapestries and rugs as room decoration.

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