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Why Embed Instagram Feed on HTML website in 2022

by janeausten
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Instagram is one of the most prominent social media platforms that has completely changed the social media landscape. It helps users express themselves and gain the attention of millions of users. Likewise, it allows businesses to gain more consumers by marketing their brands in front of huge audiences.

Using Instagram as part of social media marketing plans can help hugely, and one can extract more benefits by opting to embed Instagram feed on HTML website. Various tools such as social media aggregators help businesses in this process and offer various features, helping them utilize the platform to its great extent.

In this article, you will find some of the significant benefits of this strategy that might convince you to adopt this strategy.

Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feed on Website

By opting to embed Instagram feed on HTML websites, you can enjoy various benefits, as there are numerous benefits. But we have listed the significant benefits, keeping in mind the current market scenario and the need for having a robust online presence.

#1 Adds beauty to the website

Having an attractive website can be a positive for your business. Consumers often judge a brand by its online presence, including its website. A dull or flat website with just a few texts and some static images might not be the right choice. So, to make your website more visually appealing, you can embed Instagram feed on HTML and showcase unique, vibrant and pleasant feeds from the platform.

#2 Brings liveliness to the website

Instagram also allows its users to upload long-duration videos, short-duration videos, bite-sized videos, and more. So you can simply add them to your website, bring liveliness to your website, and enhance your visitors’ browsing experience.

#3 Improves the visitor engagement

Visual-based contents have the potential to keep viewers hooked and engaged for a long duration. As Instagram is a hub of visual-based content, you can bring the same element to your website. That means the feed on the website can keep your visitors engaged, hence improving visitor engagement on the website.

#4 Reduces bounce rate

As the Instagram feed will hook your visitors to your website, it might reduce the bounce rate of your website. A reduced bounce rate helps in many ways. It helps improve brand reputation and, at the same time, helps improve search engine ranking. Better search engine ranking can also help in creating brand awareness.

#5 Provides social proof to your visitors

People often use Instagram to post images of the recently purchased product or even upload videos while explaining or using it. All these types of content work as social proof. So, when you embed Instagram feed on an HTML website, your consumers can look at the social proofs at your site and make their purchase decisions.

Summing It Up…

The strategy to embed Instagram Widget on HTML websites has various benefits. These advantages mentioned above are some of the crucial pointers considering the present market scenario. So what are you waiting for? Add Instagram feed to your website now, and enjoy its benefits.

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