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Top Tips For Designing A Virtual Exhibition Booth

by janeausten
Virtual Exhibition

Virtual exhibition platforms or Virtual trade fair platforms have been a thing for quite a while however thanks to the pandemic; businesses are using them more and more. These platforms allow businesses to show or display products, services, applications, and whatnot in very creative ways- much like an actual exhibition or a trade fair but online.

This is why many exhibitors don’t seem to be very welcoming of this idea. They often worry about their online event being successful since it’s relatively recent and quite complex. Since it is online they might not have to pay for space and amenities, they would be saving themselves from the trouble of logistics and travelling.

However, they might have to set up a good internet connection and put together a virtual exhibition platform, which would still be more cost-effective. There are a few things that a presenter or exhibitor can keep in mind while setting up their booth which would help launch their products much better.

Get to know your software:

Before you start, understand how your virtual booth platform would work. Take your time to understand the options it comes with, the shortcuts it provides, and its navigation so that there are no glitches on the main day. Ask your event organizer about the Virtual Fair or event Platform about all the facilities provided- if it offers video, networking, or lead magnets and which ones are being used.

Use the logo:

Brand recognition is important, which is why you must make sure the logo is clear and visible. This will help people connect the products they see to the brand and are more likely to buy goods from the same brand when they come across the products in the market. However, make sure it is neat and clear, Do not overdo it or it will look tacky and the attendees might develop a negative view of the brand. Make sure the booth matches the colours in the logo, this will help it blend well and look more coordinated.

Introduce the brand:

On social media or Virtual Job Fair Platforms people often write a paragraph on what their personality is like their likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. This section is called the ’about’ section. Similarly, even on the Virtual Exhibition Platform, there will be one in which a good introduction of the brand should be given. This introduction should be a good summary of what the brand is, what exactly they do, the vision the company shares, and how they work. A good ‘about’ section will help in getting better and more qualified leads. A good idea would be to mention themes that resonate with the brand that the attendees can discuss in the booth.


As mentioned before, there’s no harm with sprucing up the booth a little bit, adding the brand’s colours to make it all match however one should remember to not go overboard, or else it could look very clustered and chaotic. Other ways to make the booth draw more attendees would be to make it interactive. Use videos and picture slideshows and have open chat boxes so attendees feel more welcome and see what the brand is about. There’s no harm in trying out various themes, colour palettes, and effects before the main day to see what set of media works the best.

Plan and test

There is absolutely no harm in setting up the boot beforehand and trying all kinds of settings, effects, layouts, and whatnot because everything should be tested out before, leaving nothing for the end. The team needs to be prepared which is why any kind of glitch which might have been avoidable, would throw them off and could potentially ruin the presentation. The team needs to appear strong and in control to market their business well which is why a good plan with realistic goals and a smooth run could make a booth very successful.

Prepare for questions:

With a virtual booth open to all with chat boxes and audio and video-enabled discussions, attendees will want to ask questions about the products and the brand to the team. This is why they should be prepared for it as it’s very important that all things go smooth and all doubts and queries that the attendees have to get cleared. If the team has read up on everything involved and done their research, they will be able to get rid of any confusion efficiently. Take into consideration questions previously asked and tentative questions that might come up while preparing the team.

Word of mouth:

Make sure that attendees know about the brand before the exhibition. A few days before the event, use social media to encourage prospective attendees to stop by the virtual booth. Spread information about the brand; build an image, so that, when attendees see the logo, they recognize the company. A buzz needs to be created on what to expect from the booth, and how strong it is will determine the number of attendees who are likely to stop by and see what the company is all about.

Discounts and perks:

Consider rewarding attendees who have stopped by and participated in the discussion by providing a promo code or an offer code. Also try making it easier and accessible for them to buy the goods- add links in the chatbox, mention the website name regularly in the discussion. This in turn will make it more likely that the attendees will buy goods and products from the brand.


Thus, in line with this all, a good idea would be to have a few mock Virtual Exhibition booths to test it all out and run it through a fine-tooth comb to avoid any glitches on the main day. Having some team members pose as attendees and asking those shortlisted questions would help the team prepare better too. It would also help to reach out to high-profile attendees in advance and spread the word. One should also choose only a reliable platform, like Dreamcast to host their event.

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