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Limo Scheduling service- A Boon for the Company as well as the passengers!

by janeausten


Limo scheduling software can be very useful both for the customers as well as the company. The right user interface can enhance the growth of your limo service manifold. It can prove to be very convenient for your clients as well. The software takes care of all the customer’s needs right from booking a Limo to the service itself.


A good limousine service will make a good impression from the very beginning. It bring back your loyal customers again and again. If they can easily access your app and book the limo without any hassle, they are guarantee to come back again. Let us see some of the main benefits of Limo scheduling software.


The software is white label –

The professionals behind the software can easily personalize the software by integrating your brand, logo, and colour scheme into the App. The software can be white-label within no time so that you can use it with your brand and services.

Handy in tracking passengers

The software can be use by the driver to track the passenger’s flight so that there is no miscommunication during pick up. This software essentially saves time too. The software gives the passengers an option to book a trip for their guests as well. It has a name board feature that the driver can use while waiting for the passenger at the airport.

Live tracking for the passengers

The passengers can easily track the location of their assigned driver through GPS while waiting for pick up or while dropping off. This keeps them stress-free as they know exactly how much time it will take to reach them.

Safe and Secure –

The limo scheduling software can be use to share live locations with their family and friends and keep them update about the location of the vehicle. 

Offer flexible Payment Options –

The software can be integrate with any third-party payment gateway, thus making it very convenient for the passengers to pay for their trip. The passengers can easily make payments with cash, credit cards, wallet money, or any other option. 

Enhances Company’s reputation

The rates are more or less fixed and do not vary at the end of the trip. This consistency increases the company’s reputation as the passengers have a fair idea about the cost of the trip. There is the flexibility of changing the destination if required. The administrator can enable or disable the changed rates without any trouble to the passenger.

Secure System

The information and other details fed in the software is completely secure and are visible to authorized persons only. This system that is integrate into the Limo management software is foolproof and keeps all the company’s data secure.

Convenient for everyone

With limo anywhere online reservation, the passengers can conveniently book the limo whenever they desire and reach the destination without any hassles. It is convenient for the company as well as they can track all the bookings and trips that are carry out.



Limo scheduling service has made travelling a lot easier and more comfortable. You can book a limo from anywhere and save a lot of time looking for other means of transport.

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