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Top 17 features of free cellphone Tracker App

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A cellphone tracker app offers various services that can be used to keep a check on the target through the cellphone. On average a target can be a teenager, an employee, a patient, or an elderly person. In any case other than teen and employee monitoring, the user is bound to have written consent from the involved parties regarding the use of the spy app.

Some certain rules and conditions must be fulfilled in case of the use of cellphone tracker apps or even paid ones. One of them for employee monitoring is that users only install the app on the target device that is owned by the organization. Here are some of the silent features of the cellphone tracker app.

Call Log:

Use the cellphone tracker app to know about the incoming and outgoing call records of the target. It is one beneficial feature to monitor the employee call record or to stop the kid from making late-night calls.

Call record:

Various cellphone tracker app offers call record feature to their users. You can listen to the call content easily with the help of this feature.

Text Log:

To monitor the texting record, various free and paid apps offer access to the text log of the target person. Users can not only read the text content but can also know other stuff like sender details. Time and date at which the text was received or sent and more.

Screen Check:

Screen checks are necessary to live in this gadget decade. The screen recording feature allows the user to keep a check on the screen activities of the target. Some apps like the OgyMogy offer surprise visits to the screen of the target in real-time.

ScreenShots Alerts:

The phone tracking app saves the screen activities in the form of screenshots for the user. The screenshots have all the detail about the date and time information.

Video Checks:

Some apps like the OgyMogy offer bonus features when it comes to screen monitoring. You can even save the screen activity in the form of short videos recordings. These types of recordings can particularly be used for the benefit of employees in an organization.

Internet Tracking:

The Internet can be the biggest distraction in a person’s life. The cellphone tracking app offers a feature that let the user know all about the online activities of the target.

Favorite Bar Access:

Access the bookmark folder and know what kind of websites are frequently visited by the target person.


Many free cellphone tracker apps offer access to the internet history. In case you want something more than that then I am afraid you should switch to the rather economical paid cellphone tracker app. OgyMogy offers a web blocking feature. You can simply block all the unwanted stuff from the target device.

App Information:

The spy app allows the user to know about the installed app details. Parents can use this feature to check the installed app content on the teenager’s device.

Block App:

Some apps like the OgyMogy even give the power to the user to block any unwanted app or software from the target device.

Location Tracking:

One of the best uses of a simple cellphone tracker app is the location tracking of the target. You can know ate real-time pinpoint the location of the target in case of the OgyMogy spy app without any worry.


Though many offer simple GPS location tracking features and not more than that. But still, some economical apps offer the geo-fencing feature as well. You can mark a safe and restricted zone on google for the target.

Stealth Mode:

Stealth mode made an app worth the use as the target remains unaware of the whole monitoring thing. Parents prefer the app with stealth mode as they don’t usually want kids to know that have been monitored.

Email Monitoring:

Monitor every sent and receive an email with the email monitoring feature.

Camera Control:

Remote access to the front and the rear camera often targets the device making it easy for the user to monitor the target and the surrounding.

Mic Bug:

Secretly listen to all the surrounding sounds and chats of the target person with the help of the mic bug feature. In case you want more than a free cellphone tracker app, check out the OgyMogy spy app.

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