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ATS(Applicant Tracking System) Features, Requirements, Checklist, and Benefits

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Applicant tracking system

What Is An ATS?

ATS refers to an applicant tracking system and it is sometimes also known as a talent management system. It is a type of recruiting software that helps companies organize candidates for the recruitment and hiring process. This software handles several tasks such as storing applicant data, posting job openings, screening applications for potential matches, and more. Among other functions, these systems are also responsible for efficiently storing thousands of resumes of candidates.

When a candidate applies for a job online, their resume doesn’t go directly to the hiring manager or the company’s recruiter. Moreover, whether a resume will be seen by the human recruiter ever or not also depends upon how well a candidate’s resume is optimized for the applicant tracking system’s algorithm. These systems tend to save a lot of time for the hiring managers by automatically surfacing and highlighting all the top candidates. They can filter resumes by searching for key skills and titles. Moreover, a search can contain multiple terms which help in performing complex searches as well.

How Does It Work?

Firstly, a job opening is listed on the company’s career page. A lot of candidates who are interested in the position apply for it online by uploading their resumes. All their contact information, cover letter, resume, and educational background are uploaded to the database. This information can be easily transferred from one component to the other as the applicant moves through the overall hiring process.

AI-powered candidate screening function filters out all the unqualified and shortlists the right candidates which make the hiring process easier. These applicant tracking systems compare all the candidates’ resumes to the actual job description. After that, the system accordingly ranks every applicant based on the scores that their resumes have received. So, instead of reviewing every application, now the recruiter can easily focus on that small pool of candidates that the ATS has identified as the best match.

An ATS system then allows the recruiters to review these applications, send automated messages to the candidates telling them that they received the application, and then give online tests. Hiring managers can schedule candidate interviews and can also mail rejection letters to them through the system.

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Benefits Of Using An ATS

Using an applicant tracking system for your company can improve your entire recruitment process while easing up some of the important pain points regarding talent acquisition and hiring activities. You can also expect to see several metrics such as cost, time, and candidate quality improve significantly. The best applicant tracking systems are robust and have user-friendly dashboards and configurable workflows. Here are some of the advantages of having an ATS:

  1. It speeds up your recruitment process and saves a huge amount of time for more important tasks. It also creates a lot of opportunities to automate most of the manual processes thereby increasing visibility into the hiring cycle for the whole recruiting team. This significantly lower costs as well.
  2. An ATS automates the early screening of all the applications by using appropriate algorithms to match the candidates according to the job requirements.
  3. These systems come with amazing features that allow you to hire collaboratively. You can share notes and ratings on each candidate and make collective decisions where everyone has a say.
  4. There should be no chance of mistake when a recruiter hires a workforce for the company otherwise it will prove detrimental to the company’s financial situation. ATS streamlines all the hiring processes which gives recruiters the confidence to make data-driven decisions.
  5. The quality of hire improves using Applicant Tracking Systems.
  6. With the help of an ATS, a company can attract and engage more applicants which will strengthen the employer branding.
  7. Other than a better hiring process, this software also enables an enhanced candidate experience.
  8. ATS improves communication and reduces friction by easily providing status updates to the management.
  9. Hiring managers and recruiters can see all the metrics and information with just a click of a button.

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