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How much is Shift Work Affecting your sleep? Tips, answers, and strategies for couples

by janeausten
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Night shifts, also known as shift work, aren’t as common as some may think, but are growing. 

If we consider evening shifts, one-fifth of employed Americans are employed on shift work or the “graveyard shift”

typically working in the evenings or on a shift rotation schedule. 

Additionally, one-third of all families with children who are dual-income have at the very least one partner or spouse who is working on one of these shifts.

Shift workers face a myriad of different issues that aren’t faced by those who work during daytime hours. For example, chronic exhaustion. 

Workers who work night shifts reported insomnia or excessive sleepiness at an average of 25 to 30 percent.

The shift work can affect all aspects of a person’s existence

Work shifts can impact many aspects of the employee’s life. These include the circadian rhythms, emotional health as well as increased injury and health risk, and sleep disruptions.

It can put stress on relationships, not just between couples, but on social activities too. When family and friends are working at their day jobs, it could be difficult to manage shift work. if you are feeling sleepy all day then take Modalert 100 for the day awake.

Shift Work Is On the Upswing

Although”graveyard shift “graveyard shift” isn’t novel, the frequency of working at night has grown and continues to increase in our current “24-hour society” and global trade.

The current trend of escalating shift work is because of the growing availability of stores that are open 24 hours a day and larger hospitals, as well as substantial populations that need late-night public services, such as police, and flights that are overnight transporting thousands of people.

Online users are increasingly looking for customer service either via phone or chat at any time throughout the week.

Shift Work Variations

The shift work schedule can be an alteration of schedules.

While some employees are on the “permanent” evening shift and others have in a “rotating” schedule, where they alternate between a few days of daytime hours and the other days they work night shifts.

Some workers are, as is the norm for workers in bars and restaurants often working late-night hours that last into the evening, but not for long, and not until the following day’s working hours.

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Certain disadvantages of shift work

While it’s beneficial for employees to concentrate on the positives, there are numerous studies have shown negative effects of working at night and sleeping during daylight hours. 

Sleep disturbances, an upset of circadian rhythms, as well as the heightened symptoms of seasonal affective disorder aren’t the only adverse negative effects.

Greater Risk of Cancer

Studies have also revealed shift work could raise the chance of developing tumors and cancer. It is tempting to believe that the strain of certain tasks, like hospital nurses in emergency departments,

it is an element of these higher risks. However, the rates of breast cancer that were found among flight attendants and nurses were higher in employees working at night than for those who worked in the daytime.

The results also correlated with animal studies on nighttime low light conditions or simulations of continuous jet lag.

Cardiovascular Disease

Research suggests that shift workers are also at 40% higher risk in heart-related disease than workers who work during the daytime. 

It’s possible this could be the result of a disruption of sleeping patterns or circadian rhythms as well as their link to autonomic cardiac control, as well as stress from conflicting families and schedules.

However, research suggests that other risk factors for heart disease like being overweight and smoking were also more common in shift workers.

Digestive Issues

However, shift work can go along with digestive issues and digestive issues. The people working the night shift are prone to acid reflux, stomach hunger changes, indigestion and weight fluctuations more frequently than those who work during the day. 

Also, Peptic ulcers were found more often among those working on those working the evening shift.

Commuting and fatigue

Transporting between shifts to and from work can present other dangers. 

Employees working in shifts were reported to be more sleepy when returning from work than normal

employees working during the daytime. 

It’s a great idea to have your commute home from an evening shift for workers to ensure their vehicle

is cool in order to stay alert and listen to music that is upbeat or audiobooks. 

A change in the route of your drive slightly can aid in keeping your brain active.

Accidents and errors at work

In addition shift work is link with a higher risk of workplace accidents,

or driving injuries, as well as accidents on the job. 

Additionally, studies have revealed an overall decrease in working capacity as well as an increase in the

number of reports of near-miss or serious injuries sustained on the job.

 It is extremely advantageous for employers and companies to make every effort to help shift workers

cope with the unique challenges and stressors that come with the late-night schedule.

Chronic Fatigue Pattern

It’s easy to think that shift workers would adapt to their work schedule over time. 

But, studies show that the majority of permanent night workers –

those who work a regular night shift and don’t need to switch around with a rotating schedule,

never truly alter their schedule. 

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