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In the middle of the Coronavirus, the Heritage luxury suites is committed to safety protocols and cleanliness

by janeausten

The Heritage luxury has always prioritised the health, well-being, comfort, and safety of their valued guests and employees. During the Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic, we have taken extra precautions to create a secure, safe, sanitised, and virus-free environment for everyone. Click here for hotels in lahore
To protect the safety of guests, workers, and employees on the hotel grounds. We follow all WHO, CDS, and local health department rules. To combat COVID -19, we have devised new, expanded, and sophisticated safety procedures that include cleaning premises, hand washing hygiene, maintaining a 6 foot social distance, and meticulously and thoroughly fumigating each nook and cranny of our exquisite, boutique hotel.
All of the additional safety precautions that we are taking on our property are listed below:

Arrival and Front-Desk Procedures

The security guard at the door checks our guests’ temperatures, and the bellboy assists them with their luggage. While keeping a 2 foot distance and according to all SOPs. Which include wearing a mask, gloves, a face shield, and a PPE suit.
If customers want Valet services. They are provided while adhering to all safety protocols. Which include disinfecting car keys and all high, vital touchpoints of the automobile such as a car seat, driver side seat belt, door handle, gearbox, and gear level. When the guest’s car keys are returned, they are sanitised.
To ensure quick delivery and avoid physical contact, visitors’ luggage is sterilised upon arrival and delivered to their booked room before passengers arrive. Furthermore, the bellboy is educated to keep a safe distance when receiving visitors’ baggage upon their arrival.

Hi-Touch Public Areas

The lobby, doors, main porch, hallways, guest elevator, housekeeping pantry, attendant cloakroom, staircase, and railings are all fumigated, sterilised, and disinfected on an hourly basis. In addition, at regular intervals, we have put hand sanitizer dispensers and posted notice about keeping social distance in all public spaces.

Efforts to Deep Clean Hotel Rooms

We make no compromises when it comes to our guests’ health. As a result, we completely sanitise, disinfect, and sterilise all hotel rooms. We do everything from changing bed sheets to cleaning furniture with hospital-grade disinfectants. High-touch items such as sofas, tea making stations, wardrobes, and safes are professionally cleaned after visitors leave and before the arrival of the next guests. Furthermore, a COVID -19 tool kit. Which contains a disposable mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer, is placed in each room for our valued guests.

Hand Sanitation

To treat Coronavirus, hand hygiene is practised indefatigably and meticulously. We installed touchless washbasins and liquid hand soaps at regular intervals in public areas and before entering the hotel lobby. To keep germs at bay. Our employees are trained to wash their hands every hour.

The Last Word

We are concerned about your safety. We are adhering to all WHO and CDS requirements in order to make our premises Corona-free and to attain the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness.
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