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The Global Footwear/Shoes Market in 2019

by janeausten
Footwear/Shoes Market

The history of Footwear/Shoes reaches back to the very earliest of human civilizations. In fact, archeological finds of complete shoes date back to the Chalcolithic period (ca. 5000 BCE).

Women’s footwear segment led the market in 2019

The global women’s Footwear/Shoes Site Selection Software can be further segmented based on region and country. North America is expected to lead the market in terms of revenue in the coming years, due to increasing disposable income and supportive government initiatives. Asia Pacific, on the other hand, is projected to grow at a higher rate during the forecast period. In addition, Latin America is expected to be one of the fastest-growing regions in the next few years.

Despite the emergence of e-commerce, emerging economies like North America and Asia Pacific are expected to drive growth in the footwear market. Increased disposable incomes and social media marketing efforts among millennials are driving the growth of the industry. Meanwhile, the growing number of first-time buyers is also driving growth. The expansion of distribution channels and the adoption of online sales channels are two of the factors fueling the global footwear market.

Specialty stores segment led the market in 2019

The specialty stores segment led the footwear market in 2019. Urbanization, a growing working-class population, competitive pricing, and increased awareness about health and fitness are key growth factors for this segment. The popularity of online retailing is driving demand for footwear and apparel. Key players in the footwear industry are developing new marketing strategies and leveraging social media platforms to expand their reach. This will continue to benefit the specialty stores segment in the coming years.

The specialty stores segment led the footwear market in 2019 as it continues to grow at a steady pace. This is largely due to the consistent expansion of retail outlets in emerging markets. Mass brands also have multiple outlets in many different regions, which makes catalogue shopping more convenient for consumers. Increasing health awareness and fitness awareness is fueling increased demand for athletic footwear. In addition to the traditional shoe retailing methods, companies are launching sports-specific products to attract a wider customer base.

Men’s footwear segment led the market in 2019

The men’s footwear segment led the market in 2019. Increasing technological innovation is driving the demand for medical footwear. In 2019, Footwear Unlimited, Inc. launched the Posture+ technology to reduce the pressure on toes, ankles, and joints. It also features a supportive heel cup and a built-in orthotic. In addition, the company’s products have a variety of styles and materials to meet the specific needs of men.

Several factors are responsible for the global footwear market’s fragmentation. Major players include adidas AG, ASICS Corp., Burberry Group PLC, Nike Inc., and PUMA SE. Furthermore, the study examines the competitive landscape and identifies the high-growth segments. Further, it includes analysis of the market’s drivers and restraints. It will also highlight the key trends affecting the market.

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