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Latest IoT Mobile App Development Trends In 2022

by janeausten
IoT Mobile App Development Trends

Whenever we hear the word IoT what’s the first thing that strikes in one’s mind? It is a plethora of trends and the most innovative ideas. IoT app development showed disruptive trends in 2021. The predictions state that these trends are projected to hike tremendously.

The IoT mobile app development bought up a revolution in the mobile app development industry. Especially after the Covid Pandemic, dependency on the IT sector significantly increased. Due to this, mostly IT companies allowed their employees to work from home.

  • There were 5.8 billion automotive and enterprise gadgets on IoT by 2020.
  • By 2025 more than 64B IoT devices are foreseen globally.
  • By 2025, the IoT can boost $4 trillion to $11 trillion in economic value.
  • Cost savings are the primary revenue source for 54% of enterprise IoT projects.
  • By 2022, the market for wearable devices will be worth $1.1 billion.
  • 97% of businesses believe that extracting value from IoT data is difficult.
  • By 2023, the market for IoT in banking and financial services to reach $2.03 billion.

1. Cybersecurity For IoT

Digitalization and the pandemic improved the use of mobile app development trends and cloud-based services. This concerned the risk the cyber security and data.

Cyber security has become an utmost priority for companies. As the number of users goes up, the security threats also increase. Hence data security and cybersecurity become the utmost priority.

To prevent data from breaching banking, websites to smart homes, everything should have a strong firewall to IoT mobile apps. Hiring IoT mobile App Developers enhances the security of your apps.

2. Craze for Smart Devices

The younger generation is more curious about innovations and new technologies.

They don’t hesitate to try new devices that bring relaxation to their work and lifestyle—resulting in the vast inflow and demand for smart devices worldwide.

With the advancements in technologies, the preference for adopting smart technologies to the home also increased. Some examples are smart home devices, home security, smart locking system, smart air conditioners, smart kitchen appliances, and many more; This results in surrounding us with IoT products.

The essential factor in using IoT devices is making work more precise and convenient. Adopting IoT mobile app-based technologies has multiplied due to a rapid increase in awareness among people.

3. Digitalizing Healthcare Industry

2019 made every individual realize the importance of health and gradually drove the key focus towards health and fitness. Smart wearables give accurate data to track health and medical records.

The lack of doctors and health concerns bought up a revolution in the healthcare industry; this changed traditional methods of visiting hospitals and consulting doctors.

The IoT enabled doctors, physicians, and health experts to treat and consult remotely and precisely. Now you can quickly consult a doctor sitting at home through video conferencing. That is fast and time-efficient.

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4. IoT & Intuitive Maintenance

IoT and Intuitive Maintenance is cost-efficient and gives indication beforehand. That enables a firm to make optimum use of resources and easy maintenance of devices.

Key Benefits:

  • Decreases cost by 12%
  • 9% higher efficiency
  • Reduces the risk of safety, health
  • 20% increase in the lifespan of an ageing asset

There will be a massive boost in intuitive maintenance smart systems will indicate the homeowners for any appliances failure, plumbing issues, a security breach security, and will save the owner from any disaster.

IoT devices captivate data by connecting different assets and systems that enable firms to plan, predict, and take decisive steps for any cases like parts repair or equipment failure before it occurs. Intuitive maintenance is performed chiefly while the equipment is operating under normal working conditions to avoid any disruption in the business.

5. Role of IoT on the E-Commerce Industry

IoT brought up a revolution in the E-Commerce industry both internally and externally, i.e., from the side of consumers and logistics and directory management. AI improves the shopping experiences of customers through easy tracking. IoT enhances customer experiences and increases the revenue of the industry.

The most profited sector since 2020 is the e-commerce industry. Pandemic led to a digital shift of the retail sector. As the isolation period prohibited people from going out and thus promoted doorstep deliveries of goods, The E-commerce industry gives consumers a plethora of options. Every individual is experiencing a personalized shopping experience.


In a nutshell, IoT is promoting a revolution in the IoT Mobile App Development Trends. IoT has the potential to drive remarkable changes in the mobile app development industry. The firms associated with this industry have a great prospect in the coming years.

Technology, however, will continuously evolve. People will always choose the best option out of all the possibilities. As a result, AI and machine learning programmers must be active to keep the market value and loyal customers.

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