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Trekking the Great Lakes of Kashmir

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kashmir great lake trek


Experience the ‘Kashmir Great Lakes Journey’ to fulfil your expectations as little more than a trekker, as this walk will deliver a wonderful flavour of any and all hues of terrain-numerous meadows, snow capped mountains, passes, rocky barren plains, and battling streams.

Make your event international since you will be doubting your own presence in India while being on this journey because the scenery will appear to be photoshopped images from some Nordic country.

Get amazed by the sights of Vishansar Lake, also known as the mondialisation lake, while watching the out-of-this-world reflection of four valleys inside the lake. Camp near the most enticing – Gangabal Lake, where the first side of the lake stretches out to beautiful meadows while the others are overlooked by mountains shrouded in mist.

Walk through the magnificent valley adjacent to the moisture with a waterfall that overlooks all of us, where you will admire the sights and embrace the moment without arms open when you’re here.

Trek things you should know before going on the trek:

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, nestled cosily between the mountains, is yet another hidden beauty of Kashmir, validating the mythological position of Kashmir as heaven on earth. The trails will be walked through by breathtaking Alpine and snow-clad mountains, as well as verdant meadows and rugged terrains.

Every day is a 360° vision of wild, craggy mountains, grassy meadows, and turquoise alpine lakes, with over seven of these lakes and five distinct valleys to explore! The Kashmir Lakes journey, on the other hand, is an Immersive 3D experience, such is its majesty. Put this hike on one’s bucket list if you haven’t already!

Facts of the trek:

7 days/6 nights

72 kilometres of hiking

Maximum Elevation: 

13,800 feet

Level of Difficulty: 


Temperatures range from 17°C-20°C (maximum during the day) to 3°C-4°C at night 

July through September is the best time to go on a Kashmir Great Lake Trek.

Railway Station: 

The nearest major is in Jammu.

Srinagar International Airport

Sonmarg is the starting point.

Naranag is the final destination.

Ways to reach:

By Air: 

Most major airlines, including Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, and Indigo, fly to Srinagar on a regular basis. The most convenient method to go to Srinagar is via plane from New Delhi.

By Train: 

The Jammu train station is quite well connected by train to all major indian cities. There are direct rail connections from Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Trivandrum.

By Bus: 

The Major Road 1A connects Srinagar to the vast majority of the country. From Jammu, J&K State Road Transport runs nice buses.

Schedule you can go by:

Day 1 : 

Srinagar to sonmarg:

7,800 feet in elevation – 3 hours travel

Arrive in Srinagar and be greeted by our personnel.

Spend the first week of the Kashmir Lakes Trek in Srinagar, a magical destination noted for its beautiful gardens, lakes, and houseboats.

If you like, you may enjoy a renowned Shikara ride on Dal Lake or stroll through Mughal Gardens, which reveal numerous treasures along the route.

Leave in the afternoon and arrive at Sonmarg in the evening. Spend the night at a campground in Sonmarg, Kashmir. Day 1 of the Great Lakes Trek

Day 2:

Today is the first day of this exciting Kashmir great lakes trip!

After breakfast just at the hotel, go out on a 3- to 4-kilometre journey from Sonamarg to a roadside diner where you may stock up on supplies for the day.

From here on, the walk will be moderate, taking you past maple as well as pine forests beside the Sindh River.

After completing the woodland climb, you would be rewarded with breathtaking views of something like the Sonamarg Valley surrounding colourful streams.

From here, the trail will descend to the winter weather Shekhar Range.

Relax in the surrounding area for a bit before beginning your walk to the 11,500-foot-high Nichnai.

Day 3:

Wake up to the gorgeous vistas early in the morning, about 08:00 AM, and begin the journey towards the Nichnai Pass, where you can enjoy the spectacular views of the verdant valleys and the unspoilt beauty of the region.

After that, cross the bridge and continue climbing along its banks until you reach either Nichnai Pass or even the Vishansar Berry.

When you get to the route, which is 13,500 metres above sea level, take in the immaculate beauty of something like the pass as well as the winter weather peaks all around you.

Day 4 : 

Begin the day’s journey towards the lake to reach Kishansar Peak, which would be around 500 feet above the campground.

Climb to some other side of something like the water reservoir from here. The journey up to this point has included both easy and difficult terrain.

Walk towards Vishansar Lake later in the day, and eventually to the Gadsar Pass, which is positioned at such a high of 13,800ft which is the tallest mountain of this trek.

Pass through beautiful meadows and even some of the scenic lakes, one of which is Yamsar.

Continue your descent until you reach Gadsar Lake after crossing Iris. A gorgeous lake, it is covered on both sides with the amazing splendour of exotic flora and snow.

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