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Kudremukh Trek: Best time to visit and full itinerary

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Kudremukh Trek


Kudremukh is situated in the heart of the western ghats in Chikkamagaluru district. It comes under Kudremukh National Park which is known as the second-largest wildlife protected area in the western ghats region. It is known as the third highest peak of Karnataka and is situated at an altitude of 6,207 ft. The trek begins from the forest office which is in the Mullodi Village. The village is around 15 km from Kalasa.

The trail of the trek is long and divided into sections. The first part starts from the forest office to Ontimara 2 which is a gradual ascent on the grassland. The second part is a rather steep ascent and starts from Ontimara 2 to the final stretch. After that there is a rudge walk from the final section to the peak. Resulting in the conclusion of the trek.

Kudremukh is considered to have pleasant climate throughout the year. Though the best time to go for a trek is between June to February. The sun isn’t scorching during that time period thus one can fully enjoy the trek. 

Kudremukh In different Weather

In summers

In summers Kudremukh is hot and humid. But there are also high chances of spotting wild animals in the National park during that time. If you visit Kudremukh during that time then there are some must bring elements to keep with you. Cotton clothes and sun protection gear such as sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, caps, hats are important during wildlife excursions. 

In Monsoon

Monsoon is considered to bring the best out of the place. Till late October Kudremukh receives good rainfall. The hill town looks perfect for capturing its offbeat beauty during times of heavy rainfall. The place is located on the windward side of the western ghats and thus results in having lush green landscape throughout the year. When heavy rainfall persists it must not be considered as the best time to trek but one can always enjoy the indoor activities at that moment. Monsoon brings out the wilderness beauty of Kudremukh. 

Kudremukh experiences a pleasantly cool winter. The chill starts to creep in November and stays consistent till February. Normally during winters the temperature ranges from 17° C to 20° C. But at times the temperature may fall down to 10° C also. This can be considered as a great time to explore the town and its surroundings. Proper and basic winter essentials are mandatory to trek. One can trek without breaking a sweat in winters. Though spotting animals can be a difficult task, the beautiful misty weather is present over there to compensate for the loss. The crispness in the air makes it a wonderful experience.

Best time to visit

In the mid June the rain begins. Till the first week of September you can see heavy rain, landslides, and low visibility. During this period you may find difficulty in traveling down the lane. The ideal time for a journey without hindrance is considered from mid September but it mainly depends upon the places you are planning to visit. The must do activity is the Kudremukh peak trek and to experience the mesmerizing scene at its best one must choose the perfect time. Some highlighted places to visit along with the trek are hanumangundi falls, LK dam, sringeri, SK border and Kalasa. 

Leeches are very common in the region. If you want to go light on trek and leeches then the ideal time to visit is between September and November. During this time the trek will be in full glory with the valleys and mountains covered in lush green. One can enjoy the beauty of nature down the western ghats at ease during this period. 

It requires approximately 8 hours to climb up and down the kudremukh depending upon your pace. There are waterfalls, beautiful streams and one can feel the vibe of literally touching the clouds. At a few times one may feel that nature is playing hide and seek with them. The trail can suddenly make you enter the jungle, and afterwards suddenly throw you into open space. The trail is beautiful and strictly maintained. 

While going for Kudremukh trek keep these things handy: 

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Cap, hat, scarf
  3. Water
  4. High calorie snacks
  5. Power drink (Glucon D etc)
  6. Cotton clothes
  7. First aid kit
  8. Trekking pole

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