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Flowers have meaning. While prominent blossoms such as roses are associated with romance and passion — although different colored roses have varied meanings —there are others with meanings you might not be aware of. From the symbolism of loyalty and love with violets to the joy of new beginnings with daffodils, the appropriate bouquet may convey a strong message to the receiver. Giving flowers to someone is very easy. You can look for flower delivery in Pune and give them.
Are you conveying a not-so-subtle message? The Victorians were masters at this, expressing their feelings with flowers rather than words. After all, why go through the awkward procedure of rejecting a suitor when you could send a yellow carnation to communicate your disdain? Do you want to know more about the meaning of those entrancing roses you just received? So here are some flowers with their symbols and significance:-


We all know red is the meaning of love. It is a pure flower that mainly suits well for your soulmate or partner. These flowers express love and affection towards a person. Because the red rose represents love, it is a particularly lovely remembrance. Giving a red rose to your loved one is very easy. Search for flower delivery in Mumbai, and you are ready to gift them.


Pink roses are an ideal method to express thanks, appreciation, and affection. These lovely blossoms are great for a bouquet for a friend who has helped you or a loved one who has been there for you.


These magnificent conical-shaped flowers, also known as larkspurs, are named from the Greek word for dolphin and are supposed to resemble lively marine creatures. They symbolize enthusiasm, lightheartedness, vigor, and vivacity, making them an ideal gift for cheering up someone who is down.


These eye-catching pieces are an expression of affection. Tulips are simple to arrange, whether as a single color, in a bright mix of tone on tone blossoms, or combinations of clashing colors. Tulips may be arranged in a formal vase or tucked into a Mason jar and allowed to droop.


These vividly colored wildflowers, popular in bridal bouquets, symbolize anticipation—possibly because they close at night and bloom in the morning. The most prevalent anemone color is white, indicating honesty owing to its delicate appearance.


Hyacinth was named after the Ancient Greek hero Hyakinthos. Apollo and Zephyr both adored him, but they murdered him while battling for his love. The flower that emerged from his blood was named the Hyacinth, and purple hyacinths may represent grief, forgiveness, and regret in flower language.


These lilies, commonly used as funeral flowers, represent purity, innocence, and sympathy. In terms of floriography, these lilies are thought to represent soul regeneration, which is why they’re associated with the natural balance of life and death. They are an ever-beautiful flower that, although not ideal for a bouquet, looks stunning in an arrangement.


It’s difficult not to admire the delicate and intriguing orchid, which you’ll convey when you offer one of these plants to someone special to you. These beautiful blossoms represent uncommon and delicate beauty. Ensure that information on the gift-tag to earn brownie points!.


Delicate freesia is a favorite among florists in the spring, and the flower’s meaning is considered to represent thoughtfulness. This makes them an excellent choice of bloom if you want to let a buddy know you’re thinking of them through a difficult time. A beautiful bouquet of fragrant freesias will brighten them up once more.

Ancient societies, from the Greeks to the Chinese—as well as the Romans and Egyptians—assigned meanings to each bloom. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, and Venus, her roman counterpart, were connected with roses. Lilies came to signify the Virgin Mary, and hence purity, in medieval art. This “symbolic language of flowers” was also utilized in literature, especially in William Shakespeare’s works. In Hamlet’s Act IV, Ophelia distributes posies of rosemary (remembrance), columbine (foolishness), and violets (faithfulness) to express sentiments and ideas that she is unable to express. So, the next time you organize your flower garden or present a lovely bouquet to a loved one, consider what you’re saying. Send flowers online to your dear ones and make up their day.

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