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Some Tips To Reduce Negative Marking In Competitive Exams

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Many youngsters are developing a strong passion to crack the government exam to secure a lucrative job in the public sector. As the level of competition is increasing day by day, taking necessary precautions has become mandatory. Because this can help you beat around lakhs of candidates. The most necessary precaution you have to take while giving the exam is avoiding yourself from attempting the wrong answer. Eventually, this will save you from negative marking. It is hard to accept that Many candidates can’t accomplish their goals because of negative markings even after working hard for the exam. In this article, you will get yourself acquainted with some tips to avoid negative markings in the competitive exam.

Please remember that negative marking will never let you meet the cut-off score. All the candidates appearing for the competitive exams must avoid attempting the questions carelessly. Are you also appearing for the upcoming bank exams? If yes, then start to prepare for the exam. Seeking help from the finest source that provides bank coaching can race your preparations for the exam.

We have mentioned some tips to reduce negative marking in competitive exams.

  • Understand the question properly

The first and foremost requirement of attempting the competitive exams is to understand the question properly. Please understand that during the exam, nervousness will impair your understanding ability. But a calm mind will help you understand the question thoroughly. The examiner often asks some confusing questions in the exam to check the understanding ability of a candidate. So it is wise to understand the questions before attempting the answer.  Otherwise, you will attempt the wrong answer. But please don’t spend more time on understanding a single question. If you are still in the need of more guidance on the SSC exam then don’t hesitate to contact the finest source that provides SSC coaching in Chandiagrh.

  • Don’t be overconfident

Overconfidence is a misjudgment or overestimation of someone’s abilities. Being self-assured is completely different from being overconfident. Please don’t be irresponsible while attempting the answer. If you have studied a concept and there is a question relevant to the concept in the exam then please don’t become overconfident while attempting the answer. Read the question carefully and then answer the question.

  • Don’t attempt the answers at the last minutes

You must be aware that guessing at the last minute to answer a question can lead you to negative marking. The mind often gets confused specifically in the last two minutes of the exam. Hence, you get difficulty in keeping your focus on the question. As a result, you will mark the wrong answer in the hurry to attempt the question. Please avoid taking chance with the numbers. Also, avoid answering questions that you are not sure about. Many students take help from the guessing techniques to attempt the answers. Well, this is the biggest blunder that can make them face negative marking in competitive exams.

  • Don’t stress

It is normal to feel anxious while giving an exam. But don’t let it affect your understanding ability. Do you know this is one of the leading factors for failure in the exam? Many candidates get nervous during the exam and this made them attempt the wrong answer in the exam. Furthermore, many of them become anxious about the questions they have no acquaintance with. This made them lose their focus from attempting even the questions they are sure about. Hence, start with the questions you are sure about. Eventually, this will make you calm your nerves while attempting the questions. Furthermore, you have to master time management while attempting the questions by practicing sample papers on a regular basis. If you are preparing for the bank exams then seek help from the best institutions that provide bank coaching in Chandigarh.

  • Perform calculations carefully

Being careless while attempting the competitive exams can lead you to negative marking. You have to do all the calculations carefully. Examiner will put some complex questions in the exam to sieve some potential and intelligent candidates for the next tier. Solving these questions carefully can take your name to the merit list. Many students can attempt the easy questions but solving the complex questions is the toughest challenge. If you want to score high then practice some shortcut tricks to solve these complex questions. Thus, solving these questions with pen and paper is a  must. Please solve the questions in an organized way on the rough sheet. Otherwise, messy calculations will create confusion or distract your focus. Eventually, this will increase the risk of attempting wrong answers.

  • Don’t attempt doubtful questions

Spending the time on understanding a topic you are unsure about is a mistake. Don’t attempt such questions or you can solve them in the last few minutes. Otherwise, this can spoil your performance in the exam. Leaving a question you are unsure about is much better than facing negative marking in the exam. You are advised to attempt these questions only if you have attempted only a few questions correctly. But if you have attempted the right answers that are sufficient to meet the cut-off then avoid attempting doubtful questions.

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Attempting the questions with some guessing techniques can never let you achieve good marks. You have to attempt only the right answers if you want to crack the exams. For this, you are advised to put your grueling efforts into your preparations. Even some minor mistakes can become the biggest barrier between you and your goal. So avoiding such mistakes is essential to ace the competitive exams.

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